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230 295 OA76 Cover NoBarcode 1 Keliy Anderson Staley | 100 under 100 | Oxford American“Keliy Anderson-Staley’s portais of contemporary Americans use both modern technology and a technique from the middle of the 19th century to create unique tintypes.  Anderson-Staley’s subjects appear as if they have been transported from an earlier and more serious time, when the making of a portrait was a low, difficult, and rare event.  In our modern society, the ubiquity of camera phones and the digital availability of innumerable photos has inured most of us to the potential “presence” that a two-dimensional representation of others, or even o ourselves, might possess.”-Kevin Miller, Director, Southeast Museum of Photography.

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Photographic Firepower of the Cuban Revolution | by Rebekah Jacob

By Rebekah Jacob Armed with their camera bags, a small group of revolutionaries had photographic firepower, documenting Cuba’s most dramatic period.  These photojournalists—Alberta Korda, Raúl Corralles, Osvaldo Salas and, his son, Roberto Salas—were Fidel Castro’s chosen ones, who not only photographed social changes, but who themselves inspired change.  In positions of trust, they were beside [...]

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