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RRP 131107 0765 300x199 ABOUT Rebekah Jacob Gallery Rebekah Jacob Gallery represents many eminent artists and estates from the American South.  Each represented artist has exhibited widely in the US and abroad and is included in significant museum, corporate and private collections.  Since its founding, the gallery has subscribed to the highest level of connoisseurship and scholarship.  RJG adheres to a rigorous curatorial model and maintains an accelerated exhibition schedule, non-media specific, that features painting, works on paper, photography, and video. The gallery is located on Upper King Street, Charleston, South Carolina.

In addition to the promotion of the work of selected artists and estates, Rebekah and staff actively educate both the new and seasoned collector in art buying for aesthetic and investment purposes.  RJG also offers an ethical and confidential alternative to the resale of art works. We offer an array of appraisal services for resale, insurance, estate, bankruptcy, and equitable distribution purposes on behalf of private individuals and corporations.

 ABOUT Rebekah Jacob Gallery “This well-designed and meticulously curated gallery is representative of the true deep American South. The driving philosophy at Rebekah Jacob Gallery is to source established and widely exhibited artists in exhibitions that travel across media whilst also staying true to their Southern roots. Photography and canvas works are exhibited featuring civil rights documentary footage and photography, as well as installations with trompe-l’œil effects and an outdoor presence. Past exhibitions have also taken Cuban and Latin Caribbean influences into account. The bulk of the associated artists are photographers, such as William Eggleston, but contemporary painters also display their wares on the walls, including Kevin Earl Taylor, with his eerie depictions of personified animals.”


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Rebekah Jacob Gallery
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Photographic Firepower of the Cuban Revolution | by Rebekah Jacob

By Rebekah Jacob Armed with their camera bags, a small group of revolutionaries had photographic firepower, documenting Cuba’s most dramatic period.  These photojournalists—Alberta Korda, Raúl Corralles, Osvaldo Salas and, his son, Roberto Salas—were Fidel Castro’s chosen ones, who not only photographed social changes, but who themselves inspired change.  In positions of trust, they were beside [...]

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