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Cover Final forsite 245x300 Rebekah Jacob Gallery | Charlestons Most Progressive | Charlie MagDecember 2012 | Jason Zwiker

Rebekah Jacob is plugged as one of the top progressives in Charlie Mag.   As Zwiker writes, “Rebekah Jacob secured its place on the must-see list for local and visiting art collectors long ago. And it’s only getting better. First, there’s Rebekah Jacob herself: poised, fiercely intelligent, passionate about art. There there are the painters, photographers and sculptors: we’re talking stop-you-in-your-tracks talent. Because that’s what art, the best of it, does. It makes you stop. And look. And forget about everything else.   ”In curating The Intuitive Eye, the overall goal was to include well-known artists such as Brian Rutenberg and Kevin Taylor, who have both exhibited internationally and had their works included in major museum, corporate, and private collections,” says Rebekah Jacob. “Our secondary goal was to select newly discovered, cutting-edge photographers that carry themselves and their work masterfully. Cyle Suesz and Ben Gately Williams are two stunning examples.”  Read more… 



Julia Cart featured in South x Southeast Magazine

Screen Shot 2012 11 03 at 1.04.10 PM1 300x671 Julia Cart featured in South x Southeast MagazineJulia Cart is featured in the November/December 2012 issue of South x Southeast Photo magazine. Be sure to pick up a copy! Photographer and preservationist Julia Cart is known for documenting the vanishing Low Country of South Carolina in black and white.  Inspired by 19th century photography, Cart works with antique view cameras and film.  Ancestrally linked to Charleston for many generations, it is natural and inherent to explore the Low County’s ghosts and daguerreotype artifacts, and portraits of surrounding plantations, as well as its tidal creeks, marshes, and beaches.


Andy Warhol- Factory Films at Rebekah Jacob’s Gallery in South Carolina

The Rebekah Jacob Gallery in Charleston, South Carolina will be presenting on 8 November, one night only, “Andy Warhol- Factory Films” with the collaboration of the Terrace Theater.  The experimental films of the American pop-artist Andy Warhol date from the 1960s and reflect the diversity of the artist in the field of cinema.

Screen Shot 2012 11 09 at 10.03.05 AM Andy Warhol  Factory Films at Rebekah Jacob’s Gallery in South CarolinaArt Media Agency | October 31, 2102

Most of the films were inspired by the characters that used to go to Warhol’s well-known loft studio, that he called “The Factory” and also by the underground films of Ron Rice and Taylor Mead.  His films were, and still are considered as voyeuristic, hilarious, and even though he used a static camera they show the artist boldness for film.

The screening will display three short films and will begin at 7pm. Tickets are available onwww.terracetheater.org. There will also be limited-edition prints of Warhol’s themes in commemoration of the event, available directly at the gallery or through the gallery’s online shop. Read more…

Rebekah Jacob Answers 5 Questions for South x Southeast Mag: Who, What, When, Where and Why…

Screen Shot 2012 11 03 at 1.04.10 PM1 300x67 Rebekah Jacob Answers 5 Questions for South x Southeast Mag:  Who, What, When, Where and Why...Rebekah and Nancy McCrary of South x Southeast Mag met a few years ago at LOOK 3 and reconnected recently for the Nov/ Dec issue.  Rebekah answers five questions (who, what when, where, and I) with mentions of current artists, the gallery’s vision, key mentors, and a sincere love of bourbon.  Read more on our blog…

DC Fine Art Photography Fair

artnet logo DC Fine Art Photography Fair October 2012

The DC Fine Art Photography Fair will feature 15 established fine art photography galleries from across the United States, with representative samples from their gallery inventories. An extraordinary range of photographs, from 19th century images to cutting-edge contemporary visions, will be on display and available for purchase.

The Fair will take place at 2801 16th Street NW, Washington DC, a Beaux-Arts mansion that served as the residence of the Ambassador of Spain from 1927 until the late 1990s. The elegant rooms of the mansion will create a comfortable and flowing floor plan for exhibitors and visitors.  Read more…


Rebekah inGallery 269x3001 WHAT ARE YOUR WORKS OF ART ACTUALLY WORTH? The Mercury | Baron Christopher Hanson | October 2012

It’s no secret that Charleston and the American South possess a rich, historic, and vibrant art scene. From centuries-old collections to modern mediums and perspectives, our beloved region is peppered with treasures, masterpieces –– and trinkets. What separates the artwork in museums and fine home collections from chotchkies and forgeries is their actual, appraised valuation.

I sat down with Rebekah Jacob, one of a rare few in Charleston who are actually certified fine art appraisers. Jacob earned a B.A. in English and M.A. in Art History at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). She also holds a Certificate in Appraisal Studies in Fine and Decorative Arts from New York University.

Read more…

Charleston Business Journal’s Event Planning Guide 2012


event planning guide cover2 750x10241 219x300 Charleston Business Journals Event Planning Guide 2012

Richard Sexton on the Cover of Photographer’s Forum

Sexton Photographers Forum 214x300 Richard Sexton on the Cover of Photographers Forum
Richard Sexton is a native Southerner, born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1954 and raised in Colquitt. He began photographing at Emory University while majoring in political science. Sexton briefly studied at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1977-78 but was disappointed in the curriculum’s lack of technical courses and discipline. He worked for a year in a black-and-white photo lab in San Francisco, spending eight hours a day processing film and printing negatives. He says, “A chemical darkroom is a wonderful and mysterious place, but a place where visual stimulation is in absentia. I decided that I was going to have to make a living making photographs. That decision launched a lengthy commercial career.” read more…

Charleston Fine Art Guide | Rebekah Jacob Gallery UPTOWN

25charleston 600 300x165 Charleston Fine Art Guide | Rebekah Jacob Gallery UPTOWNSeptember 2012 | Upper Pennisula

Rebekah Jacob Gallery’s principal focus is the representation of an international group of contemporary artists whose diverse practices include painting, works on paper, photography and video. Since its founding, the gallery has subscribed to the highest level of connoisseurship and scholarship with an in-depth focus on modern art and photography of the American South. Each artist has exhibited widely in the US and abroad and is included in museum and corporate collections. The gallery adheres to a rigorous curatorial model and maintains an accelerated exhibition schedule, non-media specific, that features emerging contemporary artists, as well as artists from all generations. The gallery is located in historic downtown Charleston, SC.

Kevin Taylor Featured on Apartment Therapy Blog: Buff and Leila Ross’ Abode

LeiliaBuffPost1 200x300 Kevin Taylor Featured on Apartment Therapy Blog:  Buff and Leila Ross Abode  Leila and Buff’s Beautiful Beach Abode | Apartment Therapy Blog | Summer 2012

Buff Ross grew up a block off the beach on a little slice of paradise just north of the Charleston Harbor, called Sullivan’s Island.  He and his wife, Leila, were living elsewhere in the Charleston area when his mother, a potter and teacher, passed away six years ago. They answered the island call, choosing to make his childhood home their family home. Leila says, “The house has an incredible energy, and I think that could be an understatement. The moment I walked through the front gate I felt an immense sense of ‘home’. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

Read more and view gallery…  You’ll come across a lot of Charleston artists and art works you recognize!

(Kevin Taylor painting hangs above the blue side chairs.)


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    Photographic Firepower of the Cuban Revolution | by Rebekah Jacob

    By Rebekah Jacob Armed with their camera bags, a small group of revolutionaries had photographic firepower, documenting Cuba’s most dramatic period.  These photojournalists—Alberta Korda, Raúl Corralles, Osvaldo Salas and, his son, Roberto Salas—were Fidel Castro’s chosen ones, who not only photographed social changes, but who themselves inspired change.  In positions of trust, they were beside [...]

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