Rebekah Jacob Gallery’s Expansion

March 2012 | Great news from Rebekah Jacob, who runs the Rebekah Jacob Gallery in Charleston, dedicated, mostly, to photography of the American South.  ”Rebekah Jacob Gallery is about being progressive and experimental, seeing talent in emerging artists and genres while recognizing the contributions of past generations of artists,” says Jacob. “I can’t think of a more appropriate place to continue making our mark than among our dynamic new neighbors Uptown.”  Read more…

Screen Shot 2012 03 23 at 3.33.06 PM1 300x59 Rebekah Jacob Gallerys Expansion

Rebekah Jacob to Present at Pecha Kucha 13 | Charleston

Screen Shot 2012 03 08 at 1.26.30 PM 300x182 Rebekah Jacob to Present at Pecha Kucha 13 | CharlestonGIRL POWER!  Creative ladies will present at Pecha Kucha 13 on March 14th, location to be determined.  This is the first Pecha Kucha that will have all-female speakers. We’ve heard after past PKN’s that the ladies are often underrepresented as speakers. Well, not this time. March 14th is ladies night.

Wow, Parliamentarians. Maybe it was the record 50-minute sell-out of PKN 12 or maybe it’s the amazing all-female line-up we have for PKN 13, but the clamor for tickets to go on sale has been deafening. Read more and buy tickets….

All-female Peach Kucha Lineup Confirmed | Includes Rebekah Jacob

charlestonCityPaper All female Peach Kucha Lineup Confirmed | Includes Rebekah JacobCharleston City Paper | Erica Jackson | March 6, 2012

All female presenters this time around, and last week Parliament confirmed that that is indeed the plan. Yay for the ladies!The lineup includes architect April Magill, gallery owner Rebekah Jacob, the Sustainability Institute’s Deborah Kaufman, author Signe Pike, artist Hirona Matsuda, writer Jenny Badman, publisher Olivia Pool, and Glass Onion chef Sarah O’Kelly. We’re so excited to hear from all of these talented women. You can read about each of them on the Parliament blog

Rebekah Jacob Gallery Opening New Location

Screen Shot 2012 03 06 at 2.32.39 PM 300x61 Rebekah Jacob Gallery Opening New LocationCharlestonmag.com | March 2012

The Rebekah Jacob Gallery is tripling its space in their move to a new building on Upper King. Located on 502 King Street, the Gallery’s traditional architecture is in perfect juxtaposition with the modernity of its art. Known for a diverse display of modern art and photography featuring the American South, the Gallery has chosen to change locations in response to increased client demands as well as constant creative output from its artists. Read more…

Will the next Pecha Kucha show some love to the ladies? | Charleston City Paper

1330028294 ladies1 Will the next Pecha Kucha show some love to the ladies? | Charleston City PaperCharleston City Paper | February 23, 2012 |Erica Jackson

Parliament announced via Twitter today that the next Pecha Kucha is scheduled for Wed. March 14. The event features a handful of speakers from the local creative community coming together to share their inspirations via an almost-seven-minute presentation. Sometimes hilarious and sometimes strange, Pecha Kucha never fails to entertain. The event has traditionally been dominated by dudes, so we’d be happy to see a little love shown toward smart, talented local ladies. Rebekah Jacob will present among other creative gals.  Check it…

Rebekah Jacob to Present at Pecha Kucha 13

20120229 pecha 300x200 Rebekah Jacob to Present at Pecha Kucha 13The Digitel | March 2012

Pecha Kucha 13 is all about the ladies.  Mark your calendars for March 14th because Pecha Kucha is coming back strong with a lineup featuring nothing but female presenters.  The speaker lineup is looking a little something like this:  April Magill – Sustainable Materials Architect; Rebekah Jacob –Rebekah Jacob Gallery;  Deborah Kaufman – Sustainability Institute; Signe Pike-Author;  Hirona Matsuda– Visual Artist; Jenny Badman-Writer; Olivia Pool-Publisher of Art Mag; and Sarah O’Kelly-Glass Onion.  Read more…

Oxford American Features Photograph by Ben Gately Williams

Screen Shot 2012 01 07 at 12.27.10 PM Oxford American Features Photograph by Ben Gately WilliamsOxford American | The Visual South Issue | March 1

Are you seeing stars?  That could be the result of your new copy of The Oxford American‘s “Visual South Issue” arriving in your mailbox…earlier than anticipated!  This new “Visual South Issue” is the result of joggling a massive crew of curators, critics, established artists, and “Art Insiders” to nominate THE NEW 100 SUPERSTARS OF SOUTHERN ART.  The FINAL LIST is overwhelming in its quality and collecting all this great new art left us kind of numb—in a good way. RJG is proud to announce that Ben Gately Williams is juried as top 100 artists in the South.

Editor and founder of OA Mark Smirnoff selects this image of Benjamin Hollingsworth by Ben Gately Williams to kick off the Visual Arts Issue.  View photo and read more…

View works by Ben Gately Williams and other top artists working in the South…

Ben Gately Williams | The New Superstars of Southern Art | Oxford American

300 WILLIAMS 13 150x150 Ben Gately Williams | The New Superstars of Southern Art | Oxford AmericanOxford American | March 1

The Visual Arts Isssue |  The New Superstars of Southern Art

Out of overwhelming curiosity, the Oxford American wanted to discover the most talented and thrilling up-and-coming artists in the South. So the OA enlisted a range of Southern experts  to help us find them: gallery owners (including Rebekah Jacob), curators, critics, and artists.  The artists were selected within the disciplines of painting, photography, and drawing.  RJG congratulates Ben Gately Williams on being juried as one of the top 100 artists working in the South.  View works by Ben Gately Williams and other top 100 Southern artists..

100 logo for web1 300x91 Ben Gately Williams | The New Superstars of Southern Art | Oxford American


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    Photographic Firepower of the Cuban Revolution | by Rebekah Jacob

    By Rebekah Jacob Armed with their camera bags, a small group of revolutionaries had photographic firepower, documenting Cuba’s most dramatic period.  These photojournalists—Alberta Korda, Raúl Corralles, Osvaldo Salas and, his son, Roberto Salas—were Fidel Castro’s chosen ones, who not only photographed social changes, but who themselves inspired change.  In positions of trust, they were beside [...]

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